Healthy Balance Fitness helps women achieve balance in their bodies and their lives by providing fitness services that fit their individual lifestyles.

Healthy Balance Fitness helps women achieve balance in their bodies and their lives by providing services that fit their individual lifestyles.

If you’re like most of us, it can be overwhelming to think about all that you need to accomplish on a daily basis. It’s just all too easy for days, weeks and even months to pass by before you find yourself over-worked, stressed-out, sluggish and emotionally depleted. Oh, and just to add to your sense of overwhelm, your clothes don’t fit right!

At that moment, you are struck by the urgent need to take better care of yourself but at the same time wonder how you can possibly find the time to do it.

How can you fit yourself into your to-do list?

This happens to everyone at some point in life, and we at Healthy Balance Fitness can directly relate to your predicament, as we all constantly strive to maintain balance in our own lives.
A healthy balance is not something that happens automatically – it is a constant evolution. Every day, you have to make hundreds of choices that can either contribute to or take away from the healthy balance in your life. The beautiful thing in life is that it does come down to choices. We can help you make the choices that will make you feel balanced, healthy and strong.

About Nora Wallace Walsh

nora-walsh-11-2015Nora has been in the health and fitness field for 20 years. She began her career as an Exercise Physiologist at the Pritikin Longevity Center in Santa Monica, where she worked in cooperation with and alongside doctors, dietitians, and physical therapists. Nora enjoyed teaching her clients how to create and maintain healthy lifestyles, and developed the Pritikin Personal Coaching program, which helped them receive ongoing support. It was here that Nora realized how much she enjoyed working with people to create more health and wellness in their lives through exercise and healthy eating.

Following Pritikin, Nora was co-founder of State of the Heart Fitness, a wellness organization dedicated to empowering people to meet their health and fitness goals. Nora founded Healthy Balance Fitness in 2007 when she recognized a specific need among women who were struggling to gain balance in their work, family and personal lives.

Healthy Balance Fitness represents the perfect combination of professional and personal passion for Nora, who is an Exercise Physiologist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Health Coach, Master Fitness Coach, wife and mother of two. As someone who works daily to maintain this balance in her own life, she can directly relate to her clients’ needs, and is a source of support and inspiration to them.

Nora has helped many different clients over the years from those new to exercising to pre/postnatal, individuals with heart disease, diabetic individuals, people experiencing back, neck, knee and shoulder problems, runners, obese clients, osteoporotic individuals, elderly individuals and many more. Nora believes that regardless of where you are today, she can help you discover your strength and become healthier, happier and more balanced. It is her mission to support and inspire women to take care of themselves so that they can be strong and healthy and have the energy to live the life they deserve.

Nora received her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, with an emphasis in Physical Therapy, from the University of Arizona. In addition to her degree, Nora is a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Health Coach, Master Fitness By Phone® Coach, and an American Red Cross Certified Water Safety Instructor.

As a COPE Certified Health Coach (Certified by OPTAVIA™, in partnership with the McDonald Center for Obesity Prevention and Education at the Villanova University College of Nursing), Nora is able to empower her clients to choose health, and guide them on a path that can take them further than they ever imagined.

Worthwhile Referral Sources (aka Women’s Referral Service), the largest networking organization in Southern California, awarded Nora the distinctions of 2004, 2005, and 2007 Vice President of the Year and Entrepreneur of the month for June 2004, March 2005, September 2006, and March 2008 and 2006 Entrepreneur of the Year.