Get Better Results With Fitness Coaching!

You will never again be alone in your fitness journey with 24-7 access to your fitness coach via phone, fax or email.



Fitness Coaching by Healthy Balance Fitness involves two critical components:

1. Customized weekly workouts based on your individual lifestyle, goals, and schedule

2. Weekly personalized phone coaching sessions to review progress, get specific focus and direction, and set progressive workouts and goals


Fitness Coaching by Healthy Balance Fitness combines guided training and coaching with a system that allows you maximum flexibility and responsibility for your personal health and fitness.

Research finds that this system is more effective than one-on-one fitness training, perhaps because it places more responsibility on the individual while still allowing her to take advantage of the advice and encouragement of a professional fitness trainer.


You will meet with your personal coach via phone. During these meetings you will:
1. Establish your current fitness level and identify your fitness goals.

2. Learn how to use your Motivational Activity Monitors (Pedometer or Fitbit and Heart Rate Monitor) and Fitness Diaries to document your achievements each day and monitor your progress over time.

3. Receive a customized weekly exercise and activity plan with specific daily and weekly goals.

4. Discuss progress and establish your customized weekly workouts.

5. Measure progress and discuss goal achievement and next steps.

Fitness coaching is much more than a phone call or email. The combination of the Motivational Activity Monitors, the coaching diaries, the focus and guidance of an exercise expert, and accessibility to your coach all week, makes fitness coaching more successful than any other approach to personalized fitness training.

Healthy Balance Fitness’ fitness coaching is based on the proven model of Fitness by Phone, which leverages a concept called compliance programming confirmed by over 20 years of research at Stanford Research Center.

If you are someone that needs and enjoys accountability and can record your progress Fitness Coaching is for you. Fitness Coaching is best for people who have fluctuating schedules but can commit to one phone call per week and have access to e-mail. It is ideal for the busy person who is trying to balance work, family and personal care. Fitness Coaching allows you maximum flexibility and provides a system for keeping self-care on your maxed-out to-do list.