Is Health Coaching the best way for you to lose weight?

Health Coaching is a whole new approach to well-being that is based on creating the best health possible for you.  Your transformation to Optimal Health starts by taking that first step and choosing to take charge of your health for the long term.

Our program provides three unique components that give you the foundation and long-term support to assist you on your journey.

  • Weight Loss Meal Plans
  • Habits of Health System
  • Support of a personal Health Coach

Reaching a healthy weight is just the beginning.  As you become healthier, you’ll find the energy and confidence that comes from a healthy body, and that can help transform all the areas of your life.

Our Health Coaches are caring, knowledgeable and offers you one-on-one support from the very first step of your Optimal Health journey.  We have stood where you stand today and are committed to helping you successfully incorporate the habits of health, which are essential to healthy weight loss and long term success.  We are your guide, cheerleader and motivator.

Your Health Coach:

  • Provides one-on-one support
  • Guides you through your Optimal Health journey
  • Supports you as you learn about the products, program and the habits of health lifestyle

Studies reveal that caring support from others can be a powerful factor in successful weight loss.

With our structured eating plan, you will:

  • Eat 5 small meals a day, one every 2-3 hours
  • Eat 1 Lean and Green meal when most convenient
  • Experience fast, effective weight loss
  • Create a fat-burning state in your body while feeling full and satisfied
  • Fuel your body with vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed
  • Feel confident that you’ve chosen a fast, safe, effective program that’s been clinically proven
Is Personal Training for you?

Personal Training can be so many different things depending on the client. You can choose to workout with your trainer for one to three training sessions per week. At the very least, you should visit your trainer once every six to eight weeks to make a few changes to your program to make sure you’re always progressing and experiencing results. When you sign up for personal training, your trainer will teach you how to exercise correctly and safely. Each session can include cardio endurance, strength and flexibility training. Your trainer will provide you with enough guidance, motivation and education to ensure you establish healthy and effective exercise patterns right from the beginning.

You can choose to train for 30 minute or 60 minute sessions depending on your time. You also have the option to train alone or with a partner. We make every attempt possible to customize a plan that is going to work within your schedule and budget and that will ensure success.

Personal Training is best for people who enjoy personal attention during exercise and can commit to seeing their trainer in person regularly.

Is Fitness Coaching for you?

With Fitness Coaching you will never again be alone in your fitness journey. You will have access to your coach every day by phone, fax or email. In addition to your 7 days a week access to your coach, you will have a weekly, scheduled 30-minute phone appointment so that you are accountable to someone other than yourself for your exercise. No you aren’t exercising while on the phone. The purpose of the 30-minute phone call is to get specific focus and direction and new progressive goals each week so that you continue to get new results.

We will design a program to meet your individual needs including cardio, strength, and flexibility. We will provide you with pictures and descriptions of exercises using different modes of strength and flexibility (your body weight, free weights, bands, balls, etc) you have access to. You don’t need heavy equipment. You will be surprised how you can get a strength workout by using just your own body weight. We might make suggestions along the way if we feel it is necessary for you to purchase any additional equipment.

We use Motivational Activity Monitors (a pedometer or Fitbit and a heart rate monitor) to provide you with objective feedback so that you know your workouts are really working. These tools act as your 7 days a week, 24 hour a day personal trainers. They are comfortable and easy to wear allowing you the versatility busy people need to be successful in sticking with their exercise programs. With your Motivational Activity Monitors you will not be limited to a particular time or place or person for your exercise. The feedback you get from these tools give you the personal control and confidence you are spending every minute of exercise effectively.

Specially designed fitness diaries are provided so that you can document your achievements each day and monitor your progress over time. By having you document your goals and your daily progress, you have the control over your results. This diary is faxed or emailed to your fitness coach for review and evaluation, without exception, because without the diary, there is nothing to base your coaching session on. Using the fitness diaries will help to increase your commitment to your program, which will allow you to reach your goals faster.

Fitness coaching is much more than the phone call. The combination of the Motivational Activity Monitors, the coaching diaries, the focus and guidance of an exercise expert, and accessibility to your coach all week, make fitness coaching more successful than any other approach to personalized fitness training.

If you are someone that needs and enjoys accountability and can record your progress Fitness Coaching is for you. Fitness Coaching is best for people who have fluctuating schedules but can commit to one phone call per week and have access to e-mail.

What method of exercise will give me the best results?

Depending on your goals, fitness level, interests, and individual needs, we will design a customized plan just for you. There is no one perfect method of exercise. It depends on you and where you are each and every day. We will meet you where you are when your session begins. We can focus on cardio-conditioning, muscle-conditioning, flexibility, life style nutrition or a combination of all of these.

Can you work with someone that has specific health issues?

We have helped many different clients over the years from those new to exercising to pre/post natal, individuals with heart disease, diabetic individuals, people experiencing back, neck, knee and shoulder problems, runners, obese clients, osteoporotic individuals, elderly individuals and many more. We are completely confident that regardless of your special considerations, we will be able to help you achieve a higher level of health and fitness. We work closely with doctors, dietitians, physical therapists and other health professionals to provide you with a safe and effective program no matter what your health concerns are. If for some reason we can’t help you, we will find someone that can.

What should I expect with my initial consultation?

Your initial consultation is critical to helping you set up a foundation for success. Seven out of ten people start an exercise program but then within two to three months drop out. This high drop-out rate is often due to the fact that the individual has not spent any time establishing the right program for them based on their history, goals, individual needs and lifestyle. We spend a good portion of the initial session talking with you to determine which type of program is going to help you stay motivated so you are consistent enough to progress, experience results and succeed. You will fill out a detailed health history questionnaire and send it back to us to review prior to our initial visit. From that we get a glimpse into what you have been doing, what your goals are and what has and hasn’t worked for you.

We will get a baseline of your fitness level by assessing your cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and strength. We will get your resting heart rate, blood pressure, height, weight, circumference measurements and body fat. These are just numbers that tell us where you are today so we can design a program to help you reach your goals.

After your initial consultation we will put together a fitness profile for you with recommendations of how you can reach your goals.